1965-66 Shelby Drop Template Kit

  • Model: SDT6566D


USA Made!!! 1/8" thick aluminum templates for doing the UCA drop on both 1964 & 1/2 through 1966 Mustangs. The 1964-1966 template also works on early Falcons. These templates, are water jet cut for accuracy, bolt into the shock tower in the stock A-arm location and allows you to drill two 1/8" pilot holes to relocate your A-arm's mounting holes. In order to correctly perform the UCA drop a 17/32" drill bit is required to correctly size the new holes. This bit can be hard to find locally and expensive but is included in this kit!!. These are medium quality bits made of M7 high speed steel. They will work many times to enlarge an existing 1/8" hole. For best results we recommend drilling one drill bit size at a time and finishing with the 17/32" bit.

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